Meet Amanda Price, FPEDV’s CEO

Amanda has led national and local organizations focused on serving survivors and preventing violent crime for more than 20 years.  She started as a crisis line volunteer in Alaska – Alaska has the smallest population in the country, but the highest and most devastating rate of sexual assault, domestic violence, homicide by dv, substance abuse, and suicide.

From policy work, to fundraising, to direct advocacy, to awareness campaigns, to political activity, Amanda has worked in all aspects of prevention, intervention, and response.  Amanda worked as a partner in creating and opening a new multi disciplinary center in Anchorage, AK that responded to statewide sexual assault in a trauma informed, victim centered way.  Amanda traveled the state, working in villages that didn’t even have running water, but suffered from extreme violence.  The more she learned, the more she saw, the more she invested personally.

Amanda has served as the executive director of the Alaska statewide rape crisis center, where she grew the program to include mental health services for survivors, relocation and rental assistance, and employment support to support survivors in escaping their abusers.   Amanda became a close partner and team member of the Crimes Against Children unit, and the Special Victims Unit, as well as engaging on statewide legislative advocacy issues.

Amanda joined the Office of the Governor to work as the first ever Senior Advisor to the Governor on Violent Crime, where she founded the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative in Alaska – an initiative that uncovered thousands of unprocessed sexual assault kits, and has today led to numerous cold cases being solved, most recently in January 2023 when as a result of processing the dna evidence found during that initiative, an arrest that was made in a cold case of a 5 year old who had been assaulted in 1994.

Amanda was then appointed, and confirmed as the first female Commissioner for the Alaska Department of Public Safety – which had a quarter billion dollar budget, roughly 1000 employees, was home to the state DV/SA coalition, state forensic crime lab, police standards council,  among others. As Commissioner, Amanda was the first woman to command the Alaska State Troopers and the Alaska Wildlife Troopers – and to say that she was a different sort of leader than the department had experienced previously would be an understatement.

Amanda has hosted a bi partisan summit featuring a dozen members of the US Senate addressing sexual assault in the military, Amanda worked with Attorney General William Barr to host him in Alaska to address the needs of rural Alaska public safety, resulting in the Attorney General declaring a state of emergency, and providing millions in aid for Alaska, she has worked with the US Attorney addressing Missing and Murdered Indigenous People,  she has served on national task forces addressing human trafficking and pre trial reform, served as board member on the Alaska state dv coalition, chair of domestic violence network, has served as President for United Non Profits, Chair for Special Olympics, Commissioner for housing and homeless coalition, member of the National Criminal Justice Association, End Violence Against Women International, member International Association of Chiefs of Police – and is mom to three and lives with far too many animals.

Fun facts – her first job was at age 10, a paper route with her brother. They would get up at 4am, in the pitch black dark cold of Alaska mornings and deliver newspapers before school.

Fun Fact – She once owned and ran a mother/baby boutique.

Fun Fact – She’s done the conga with Charro

Fun Fact – She loves to force my family to wear matching shirts on every holiday Fun Fact – my family calls itself the Price Posse

Amanda is now the Chief Executive Officer for the new formed Florida Partnership to End Domestic Violence, and honored to bring her experience to serve her new home of Florida.