What is Technical Assistance

Technical assistance (TA) is a phrase that non profit organizations hear often – but what exactly does it mean and how exactly can FPEDV assist member programs by providing Technical Assistance?

Technical Assistance (TA from here on) is broadly defined as support to help a non profit organization by providing a specialized service or skill that is not available currently within that organization, but is needed to effectively operate OR to strengthen sustainability.

FPEDV offers TA in any number of topics.  Generally, TA is provided at the members request after a one on one consultation to discuss the members needs.  
Some recent examples of TA provided to members by FPEDV include:
  • Board of Directors Orientation and Training
  • Corrective Action Plan development and implementation
  • Strategy to address challenge with a funder
  • ED/CEO interviews, onboarding/orientation
  • Grant writing
  • Community partner relations/conflict resolution
  • Agency strategic planning
  • Board member vs ED roles and duties training
  • DCF quarterly report development and submission
Don’t hesitate to reach out – the list above is not comprehensive or inclusive of all TA subjects that are available to you. In a nutshell, TA is any support that a member program needs to allow them to focus on their primary mission of serving survivors. 
TA can be one phone call or zoom, an in person visit or training, or a sustained and outlined effort of a certain timeframe with a specific objective.  If you would like to request TA, you can do so by clicking here or by logging to the member portal at fpedv.org and select TA request form – simply fill out the form and submit, and we will get back to you to schedule!
Author: Amanda Price