End of Year Reflection

It is hard to believe that we are better than one third through calendar 2023.  It is even harder to believe that those programs having a June 30, 2023 fiscal year end are a bit more than a month away from starting a new fiscal year.

For those in finance and accounting positions, the variances from what you and management collectively agreed upon was the “best fiscal budget ever” mark the nicks and dings that happen in real life outside the laboratory of budget meetings, accommodations, concessions and revisions.  Year end audits, tax and compliance reporting, along with the “normal” monthly assignments for the new year are still ahead.

But give yourself credit.  You managed it.  You made it.  And you will continue to make it.  Because your organization depends on you.  Sometimes more than they realize, and often more than you know.  It’s not intentional, but it is universal.  Finance and accounting professionals don’t realize the full value of the teams they work with, it’s because they’re doing their jobs, and you’re doing yours.  And everyone’s job is mission critical to achieve success.       

There are always factors to consider when setting personal goals for any given year.  I obviously state the obvious.  First and foremost, the success of the organization’s mission is paramount, so what are some of those factors?

Changes in the operating environment – these are continual, but over the past few years they have been tectonic.  Of note:

The Covid-19 pandemic – you were nimble and creative beyond measure in continuing to provide program services during the pandemic; one of unknown severity or duration at the outset, with conflicting and sometimes contradictory directives and nebulous guidelines affecting funds availability and compromising the ability to deliver services at the expected level of excellence; a pandemic whose severity is now pretty much behind us.  The replacement of expiring grant funding tied to the pandemic is an upcoming challenge. 

The re-establishment of the state coalition and future growth of FPEDV-  Amanda, our CEO, and our other staff of three are fully engaged in building the federally recognized state coalition with the direction of an experienced membership base.  We are positively leveraging a great opportunity to be a better coalition to all we serve.

With all this occurring, take a moment to reflect.  What did you personally set out to achieve during the current fiscal year, and did you achieve it?  If not, what got in the way?  Are you going to reset your goals for the coming year, and make them a higher priority?

Here’s a thought.  Step back.  Develop your goals.  Make them challenging, but realistic.  And get a mentor or partner to hold you accountable in a positive way.  And as you reach those goals, it’s always more fun to celebrate with someone who buys in to helping you be a better you.  


Author: Steve Manders