Why Give to FPEDV?

Everyone deserves safety. When you donate to our coalition, it strengthens the network of direct service providers who offer life-saving support to survivors. Your contributions enable FPEDV to provide essential training, resources, and advocacy that empower these providers to deliver effective emergency shelters, crisis hotlines, legal assistance, and counseling services. By supporting FPEDV, you help ensure that service providers are equipped with the tools and knowledge they need to offer immediate safety and comprehensive care to those escaping abusive situations. Your donation sends a powerful message of hope and solidarity to both the providers and the survivors they serve.

The need for donations is more urgent than ever.

The need for donations is more urgent than ever as domestic violence rates continue to rise, exacerbated by economic and social stressors. As funding shortages occur, it makes it challenging to meet the growing demand for support to service providers. Your support can bridge this gap, helping FPEDV to expand its reach and enhance its programs. Every donation, no matter the size, contributes to a larger movement of change, helping to break the cycle of abuse and create safer communities in Florida. Your generosity can make a profound difference, ensuring that providers have the resources to offer survivors a chance at a safer, brighter future.

Why Florida Free From DV?

Download FPEDV’s general domestic violence awareness toolkit.