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domestic violence incidents were reported to law enforcement in Florida in 2020.
arrests were made by law enforcement for domestic violence related crimes in 2020.
of homicides during 2019- 2020 in Florida were domestic violence related.
0 %
direct service information and referrals to survivors, family members, and individuals seeking services during FY 2022-2023

Statistics provided by Florida Department of Children and Families Domestic Violence Annual Reports

Member-Run, Survivor Focused

Our membership is a powerful coalition of direct service providers and community partners dedicated to creating a Florida free from domestic violence. 

We leverage decades of experience to support our members, offering education and national resources with a trauma-informed approach, helping them provide the care and support needed to survivors of domestic violence.

When we utilize the collective voices from our members, we can advocate for system changes on a statewide level, and help communities discover resources and best practices to support those affected by domestic violence.


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